CLHEP -- A Class library for High Energy Physics

Last update - 2nd June 2002.  

CLHEP-1.8 Installation Guide

CLHEP is installed in AFS and NICE-NT:

The sources are available in:

The distribution kits can be accessed here.

The following is an installation guide for previous versions of CLHEP (CLHEP-1.7 and CLHEP-1.7.5):

     "CLHEP-1.7 Installation Guide"

Installation of CLHEP on Unix

The "configure" script is a part of the distribution, so it is not necessary to call "autoconf" to create it.

The installation procedure for UNIX looks like the following:

    gtar -zxvf clhep-
    cd CLHEP
    gmake install prefix=...
The default compilers are:
    Linux - g++
    SUN - CC
    DEC - cxx
If you want to use other compilers then set CXX environment variable before to call the "configure" script:
    setenv CXX KCC     // or export CXX=KCC
    gmake install prefix=...

Examples of building shared library

    cd CLHEP
    gmake     // build archive library first
    mkdir tmp
    cd tmp
    cp -i ../Evaluator/*.cc  .
    cp -i ../Evaluator/*.src .
    cp -i ../GenericFunctions/*.cc .
    cp -i ../Geometry/*.cc   .
    cp -i ../Matrix/*.cc     .
    cp -i ../Random/*.cc     .
    cp -i ../Random/*.src    .
    cp -i ../Random/*.cdat   .
    cp -i ../RandomObjects/*.cc .
    cp -i ../Vector/*.cc     .
    cp -i ../HepPDT/*.cc  .
    cp -i ../HepMC/*.cc  .
    cp -i ../StdHep/*.cc  .
    g++ -c -O -ansi -pedantic -Wall -D_GNU_SOURCE -fPIC -pthread -I../.. *.cc
    g++ -shared -pthread -o *.o
    CC -c -O -KPIC -mt -I../.. *.cc
    CC -G -mt -o -ldl -lCrun -lCstd *.o
    cxx -c -O -std strict_ansi -shared -pthread -I../.. *.cc
    cxx -shared -pthread -o *.o

Installation of CLHEP on NT

First install UNIX environment Cygwin (bash shell) available from RedHat:
Then you can follow an ordinary installation procedure for UNIX:
    tar -zxvf clhep-
    cd CLHEP
    make install prefix=...

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