Class defining methods for shooting Flat or Bit random numbers, double or integers.

It provides methods to fill with double flat values arrays of specified size, as well as methods for shooting sequences of 0,1 (bits). Default boundaries ]0.1[ for operator()().

This is derived from RandFlat and is a drop-in replacement. However the shootBit() and fireBit() methods are stateless (which makes them an order of magnitude slower, but allows save/restore engine status to work correctly).


Mark Fischler

See also

Engines: HepRandomEngine, DRand48Engine , DualRand, HepJamesRandom, Hurd160Engine, Hurd288Engine, MTwistEngine, RandEngine, RanecuEngine, RanluxEngine, Ranlux64Engine, RanshiEngine, TripleRand

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Functions: HepStat


#include "CLHEP/Random/RandBit.h"

class RandBit : public RandFlat

Public Member Functions

inline RandBit(HepRandomEngine& anEngine)
inline RandBit(HepRandomEngine& anEngine, HepDouble width)
inline RandBit(HepRandomEngine& anEngine, HepDouble a, HepDouble b)
inline RandBit(HepRandomEngine* anEngine)
inline RandBit(HepRandomEngine* anEngine, HepDouble width)
inline RandBit(HepRandomEngine* anEngine, HepDouble a, HepDouble b)
These constructors should be used to instantiate a RandBit distribution object defining a local engine for it.
The static generator will be skipped using the non-static methods defined below.
If the engine is passed by pointer the corresponding engine object will be deleted by the RandBit destructor.
If the engine is passed by reference the corresponding engine object will not be deleted by the RandBit destructor.
virtual ~RandBit()
inline HepInt fireBit()
static inline HepInt shootBit()
static inline HepInt shootBit(HepRandomEngine *)
Methods using the localEngine to shoot random values, by-passing the static generator.

Other than the Bit routines, constructors, and destructor, everything is simply inherited from RandFlat.

16 May 2000