StdHep::Particle contains the volatile particle information: Particle ID, status code, mother, second mother, an index to the first daughter, an index to the last daughter, color, momentum CLHEP Lorentz vector, generated mass, helicity, creation vertex CLHEP Lorentz vector, and decay vertex CLHEP Lorentz vector. The mother, second mother, and indices to first and last daughter are deliberately designed to be compatible with the HEPEVT common block. StdHep::Particle also contains a method to access the appropriate StdHep::ParticleData.


Lynn Garren

See also

StdHep::Particle, StdHep::ParticleData, StdHep::Collision, StdHep::Event, StdHep::Run, StdHep::StreamElement, StdHep::Streams, StdHep::FIhepevt, StdHep::FIhepev2, StdHep::FIhepev3


#include "CLHEP/StdHepC++/StdParticle.hh"

namespace StdHep
class Particle

Public Member Functions

int ParticleID,
int StatusCode,
int Mother,
int SecondMother,
int BeginDaughters,
int EndDaughters,
int Color,
int CollisionNumber,
HepLorentzVector Momentum,
double Mass,
double Helicity,
HepLorentzVector CreationVertex,
HepLorentzVector DecayVertex
Particle( )
Particle(const Particle & orig)
Particle & operator=(const Particle &)
int ParticleID() const
int StatusCode() const
int Mother() const
int SecondMother() const
int BeginDaughters() const
int EndDaughters() const
int Color() const
int CollisionNumber() const
HepLorentzVector Momentum() const
double Mass() const
double Helicity() const
HepLorentzVector CreationVertex() const
HepLorentzVector DecayVertex() const
void setParticleID(int pid)
void setStatusCode(int status)
void setMother(int mth)
void setSecondMother(int mth2)
void setBeginDaughters(int dtr)
void setEndDaughters(int dtr2)
void setColor(int clr)
void setCollisionNumber(int coll)
void setMomentum(HepDouble px, HepDouble py, HepDouble pz, HepDouble E)
void setMass(double mass)
void setHelicity(double helicity)
void setCreationVertex(HepDouble cx, HepDouble cy, HepDouble cz, HepDouble ct)
void setDecayVertex(HepDouble dx, HepDouble dy, HepDouble dz, HepDouble dt)

18 May 2000