StdHep::Run contains the number of events to generate, the number of events actually generated, and event independent information, such as the number of events written to I/O, the nominal center of mass energy, the cross-section, and random number seeds. This class may be extended to contain methods for efficient I/O of events or portions of events.


Lynn Garren

See also

StdHep::Particle, StdHep::ParticleData, StdHep::Collision, StdHep::Event, StdHep::Run, StdHep::StreamElement, StdHep::Streams, StdHep::FIhepevt, StdHep::FIhepev2, StdHep::FIhepev3


#include "CLHEP/StdHepC++/StdRun.hh"

namespace StdHep
class Run

Public Member Functions

virtual int RunNumber() const = 0
virtual int EventsGenerated() const = 0
virtual int EventsWritten() const = 0
virtual void setRunNumber(int runno) = 0
virtual void setEventsGenerated(int ngen) = 0
virtual void setEventsWritten(int nwrt ) = 0
Version tracking
void PrintVersion(void)

18 May 2000